How to Make A Difference this Easter

How to Make A Difference this Easter

Easter is a great opportunity for Christian’s to make a difference in the lives of others. If we believe (and we do) that man’s greatest need is forgiveness and that the message of the gospel offers us that forgiveness through the sacrifice of Christ then helping people hear that message is one of the most significant ways we can make a difference in their lives. Here are some ways that you can help others to hear the gospel this Easter –


  • Of all the things we can do the most significant is to pray. We can have the best preaching, amazing worship music, modern decorations and more but if we lack the presence and power of God we have failed. Pray for God to lead people who are searching to our service this Sunday so that they can hear the gospel. Pray for God to save souls this Easter. Pray for our hearts to be revived to serve Him and adore Him with the passion He deserves.

Invite Someone To Easter Worship

  • Grab some postcards or flyers from the foyer and invite a friend or neighbor. Ask a co-worker if they have anywhere to go this Easter. 82% of people surveyed by Lifeway were likely to attend church if invited by a friend. That means the person you are thinking about asking would most likely say “yes” if you simply asked.
  • Use our Facebook Event to invite friends. Simply click here to go to our event page. Then underneath the main picture, you will see a button that says “Share”, hit that and then select “Invite Friends”. You can then type in the name of any of your facebook friends and invite them to Easter Worship! Be sure to check that you are attending as well!

Help Create A Welcoming and Friendly Environment for our Guests

If you invite someone to your home you always go out of your way to make things comfortable and nice for them. You clean up, prepare a nice dinner, and are ready to greet them with a smile when they arrive. We should strive to do the same thing when we invite guests to God’s house. Here are some practical ways we can do that this Easter.

  • Greet guests with a smile. We have a Welcoming Team that greets guests as they arrive but we don’t want that to be the only people who warmly greet guests. So say hello and welcome them to our faith family.
  • Be attentive to the needs of guests. If you see someone who looks lost ask them if you can help. If someone is looking for the nursery or children’s church, try to walk them there instead of just pointing and hoping they find it.
  • Make room in the pew for guests. It’s easy for us to get comfortable sitting in the same spot every service, but we should always be willing to make room for our guests. Typically first-time guests are more comfortable sitting in the back, so for this week maybe move up towards the front so there are more seats in the back. Slide to the middle of the pew so guests don’t have to climb over you to get a seat.
  • Sing joyfully! This one may seem like it doesn’t fit but nothing says this is a dead church like dead music and congregational singing. It doesn’t matter the style of music or the instruments being used if the congregation is not engaged and singing joyfully it’s a dead worship service. This Easter we are singing about our Risen Lord and the victory we have because of Jesus, so there’s plenty to sing joyfully about!

We are excited for a great Easter Worship and all that God is going to do, See you Sunday!


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