Growth Group FAQ

Growth Group FAQ

What is the purpose of Growth Groups?

Growth Groups are the primary vehicle for discipleship at Duncan Park. We believe that discipleship is more than just going through a fill in the blank booklet but is best accomplished through Christ-centered relationships. The model we find in Titus 2 is mature believers investing in newer believers. Growth Groups provides an opportunity for us to develop the relationships that allow us to spiritually help, encourage, and walk together in the Christ.

What will we be doing in Growth Groups?

Each week you will start with some time of just hanging out and getting a chance to fellowship with the other people in your group. Then each group will go through the weekly Growth Group guide which will include times of discussion and practical application of the Bible to our lives. Lastly, the groups will close in prayer. Each group is unique, some may have food, others just dessert and others may just have fellowship and bible study.

What will we be studying in the Growth Group Guide?

Each week’s Growth Groups Guide is built around the Sunday Morning Message at Duncan Park. The goal is to take what we learned Sunday morning and apply it to our lives so that we aren’t just being hearers of God’s Word but are being doers. Growth Group Guides will be available every Sunday at the Growth Group display and on our website with the corresponding message.

What if I miss the Sunday morning message?

Messages will be available to listen to on our website by Sunday afternoon.

How long am I committing to be in a group for?

Groups will run in semesters. Most years we will have a fall semester and a spring semester and will take a break during the summer. Each semester the groups offered, locations and leaders may change and you are free to try out a different group.

What about my kids?

If you need to bring your kids to Growth Group please just select a Growth Group that is kid friendly. Each group handles child care differently, some may have parents rotate to watch the kids, some may hire a college or teenage girl to watch the kids each week and some groups the kids may be old enough to play on their own. Contact the group leader or host for more information.

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