Upper Room 309

Upper Room 309

Welcome to UR309!







That is the name of the student ministry of Duncan Park. We call it this because we meet upstairs in room 309 – upper room 309. Creative, isn’t it?

Our desire in UR309 is to see our students develop a deep faith in Jesus Christ that is made evident through wise living. We seek to accomplish this through practical teaching, gospel-centered music and fellowship with other like-minded students. However, we still recognize that the primary Christian influence for every student should be their parents. We will always strive to partner with these parents and walk along side of them as they navigate these challenging teen-age years.

We know that fun is important too, so we strive to create an environment that is welcoming and engaging for our students. We always want them to be included in the various ministries of our church. We want them to be participators and not just spectators. Throughout the year we host activities that we hope will provide some laughs, some memories and usually a really big mess.

Our main student service is held every Sunday night from 6:00 – 7:30 PM. This service usually includes some fun games, student led worship and a practical lesson. We also have a Sunday school class that meets every week at 9:45 AM in…you guessed it…UR309.

Our Leaders

Joel and Kalah Newsome lead our youth ministry.


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