What does Scripture teach regarding the Atonement?

by Pastor Dave Christian’s throughout history have been known as the “people of the cross.” This one event stands at the center of all biblical and human history and is the most important event that has ever occurred. This post seeks to answer the question of “What did the atonement accomplish?” and “What was God’s primary purpose in the atoning death of His Son?” By reviewing the two most prevalent views of the atonement this post will show that the…

Weekly Worship June 25

10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) 262 – Holy, Holy, Holy We Fall Down For the Cause 202 – Amazing Grace  

Weekly Worship June 18

Behold Our God 82 – O Come, Let Us Adore Him All I Have Is Christ As The Deer 535 – A Christian Home

Weekly Worship June 11

You’re Worthy Of My Praise Boldly I Approach We Fall Down 89 – Our Great Savior 43 – Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Weekly Worship June 4

Lord Most High Behold Our God All Hail the Power of Jesus Name May the Mind of Christ My Savior Speak O Lord

Worship for 5/21

Click on the Song titles to download the lyrics, video’s of modern songs are available below.  Come People Of The Risen King Firm Foundation Majesty (Here I Am) He Is Able #350 Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus  

Worship Music for 5/14

Click on the Song titles to download the lyrics, video’s of newer songs are available below.  Great Are You Lord I Stand In Awe Behold Our God In Christ Alone #404 The Solid Rock

Marks of the Biblical Church = #1 Passionate About the Gospel

There is a lot of variety in churches today. Different styles, looks, bible translations, music, dress, emphasis but what are the essentials? What should be there no matter the packaging? In this series, we will go through Acts 2 and explore the “Marks of the Biblical Church”, while there’s a lot of things that a church can do we are going to look at the things that a church must do. “Now when they heard this they were cut to…